Sprint Retrospective – Sprint 3

For this third and final sprint, we were the most efficient and organized thus far. It is really neat to look back to the first sprint and see how much we improved as a team. From us in the first sprint not really knowing much about how to work as a team in sprints, toContinue reading “Sprint Retrospective – Sprint 3”

A Different Road

This Apprenticeship pattern, “A Different Road” is about admitting to yourself if software craftmanship isn’t the career path you want anymore. I think that this is a very important lesson to be learned, because it is much more harmful to yourself, and others that you work with in your field if you stick through doingContinue reading “A Different Road”

Expose Your Ignorance

This Apprenticeship pattern, “Expose Your Ignorance,” is about admitting to others as well as to yourself the gaps in your knowledge. You must admit to yourself the gaps in your knowledge before you can admit it to others and begin to ask meaningful questions to expand your knowledge. I think this is really important toContinue reading “Expose Your Ignorance”

Sprint Retrospective – Sprint 2

I think that we as a team, as well as me as an individual, improved during this sprint compared to the first sprint. While for the first sprint we had no experience working with scrum sprints or in any sort of team development environment, so the whole thing was completely new to us, whereas atContinue reading “Sprint Retrospective – Sprint 2”

Read Constantly

This Apprenticeship Pattern is about constantly reading books pertaining to the subject of computer science as to supplement your real-world hands-on experience and as to not stagnate your learning. By not only learning through on-the-job experience or personal project experience, and having a few different routes of learning, you enhance your overall knowledge of theContinue reading “Read Constantly”

Learn How You Fail

Learn How You Fail This Apprenticeship Pattern covers learning how to fail, and more importantly how to recover from failing. It makes the point that failure is necessary to learn a new skill, and if you’re never failing then you’re likely not trying new things and not expanding your knowledge. Failure is a normal andContinue reading “Learn How You Fail”

The White Belt

The White Belt This Apprenticeship pattern was about unlearning what you already know in order to learn something new. It is important to do this because, especially with programming languages, what might be a good habit or convention within one language may be inefficient or bad practice within another. I could personally relate to thisContinue reading “The White Belt”

Sprint Retrospective – Sprint 1

For the first sprint of the semester, I individually didn’t get as much done as I hoped to. I did help others, and collectively as a team we got a good amount done,  but I hoped to get more done individually. For this first sprint, I spent a lot of time looking through the projectContinue reading “Sprint Retrospective – Sprint 1”

Apprenticeship Patterns Chapter 1 and Chapter 2-6 Introductions

I found it very interesting reading about the journey to becoming a Software Craftsman. I think that many of the principles discussed here are relevant not only for people in software development, but for people in all walks of life. The base principles can be applied for anyone learning anything, and they’ll still hold true.Continue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns Chapter 1 and Chapter 2-6 Introductions”

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