Resource Link: For this blog post I wanted to explore the GRASP principles. GRASP is an acronym for 9 principles that apply to object oriented design in programming, and it stands for General Responsibility Assignment Software Patterns. The 9 principles are: Information Expert, Creator, Controller, Low Coupling, High Cohesion, Indirection, Polymorphism, Pure Fabrication, andContinue reading “GRASP”


Resource Link: For this blog post, I wanted to delve into what the SOLID principles are and how they apply to object oriented programming. SOLID is an acronym for the 5 object oriented design principles. They are the single-responsibility principle, the open-closed principle, the Liskov substitution principle, the interface segregation principle, and the dependencyContinue reading “SOLID”

Docker Images

Resource Link: For this post I wanted to explore and delve into what exactly docker images are, how they’re composed, and how they’re interpreted within docker. I wanted to investigate this topic because while I understand at a high level how docker images work and what they’re used for, I don’t have a deeperContinue reading “Docker Images”


Hi, I’m Alex Nelson and I’m in my senior year at Worcester state as a computer science student. I’m excited to be going back to in person learning this semester because I prefer it over online learning. This blog exists as a means to share about my experiences related to computer science in college andContinue reading “Introduction”

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